The Underballs Provides a Unique Gift for Guys

By: Ben Kiel - Apr 2, 2013
It's tough to find unique gifts for guys these days, but the Underballs provides a humorous, yet practical option. These undergarments are cleverly packaged in a blue plastic ball, creating a thoughtful and memorable way to tell the man in your life just how much you care.

Featured on Kickstarter, the Underballs are made from 100% pure cotton fabric and features a variety of humorous designs to choose from, including those that feature quirky phrases and animal prints. Packaging undergarments into a compact and visually appealing container is a great way to turn these ordinary items into fantastic gift ideas.

There's a lot of struggle when it comes to shopping for unique gifts for guys, but underwear makes for a gift that guys can actually use and enjoy -- it's also really affordable to purchase.