Creative Engagement Video From Trend Hunter's CEO and VP

By: Jeremy Gutsche - Jul 22, 2013
References: youtube
An Ugly Dolls proposal video? You bet! When it came time to get engaged to the lovely Trend Hunter, Shelby Lee Walsh, I knew I needed to be creative proposal. So I enlisted the help of a couple furry little ugly dolls.

Basically, I recreated the different parts of our relationship using the little Ugly Dolls. The story begins with the little Ugly Dolls in their own separate worlds, but soon, they get together, and in my humble opinion, the little characters are pretty awesome.

For those who don't know, the Ugly Dolls brand was created by a young couple David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. In one of their art courses at Parson's Design School, David was supposed to sketch the model sitting in front of him, but instead he drew a little monster, which impressed Sun-Min. The two became an item, but unfortunately, soon after graduating, they were separated. She had to return to her home country of Korea. However, they kept in contact, signing off each love letter with the sketch of a little ugly character.

At Christmas time, Sun-Min surprised David by sending him an actual version of the Ugly Doll, which she had sewn based on his drawings. Impressed, he took the doll to a friend, meaning to show it off, but not to sell it. To his surprise, his friend ordered 20 of them. Fast forward a few years, and Ugly Dolls as become a huge brand.

I loved the Ugly Dolls story enough to include it in my upcoming book, and part way through writing the story, I realized that they would be the perfect metaphor for my creative proposal. Since Shelby and I work together, the love story behind the couple is a nice parallel.

Shelby and I got engaged June 20th in Monaco during a little business trip that turned romantic! I took her to a dinner at the Vista Palace, overlooking the ocean, and to propose to her, I narrated through pictures of the Ugly Dolls until my grand finale: the engagement puppy!

Luckily, Shelby has been taking a video class in her spare time, and so she wanted me to film all aspects of the trip. So she wasn't even suspicious when the Go Pro started filming. The result, an Ugly Dolls Engagement (and a creative proposal video of the whole thing!)