Tumblr.com the four year old micro-blog platform now has more blogs than the eight year old WordPress.com. Note: WordPress.com does not count the self-hosted open source software that allows blogs to be published. Tumblr.com has over 20 million blogs according to their website. This bests WordPress.com by 85,000 blogs.

There has been a rush to embrace Tumblr.com this year by individuals, but entertainment and fashion outlets are embracing the microblog too. WordPress.com hosts some of the most trafficked sites on the web: NFL, CNN, and TED as well has a whole host of others.

But Tumblr.com blogs have carved out a place as the more social of the blogs. Tumblr has integrated the social media functions making it a combination of websites and Facebook profiles. Tumblr.com is the favorite of the single-source microblog creators and the hipsters.

Tumblr.com is run by a staggering number of people: ten. Staggaring because of the volume of traffic and posts that requires such little intervention. How many Tumbler.com blogs have you started?