Trash & Vaudeville Design a Line of Edgy Accessories for Your Shoes

By: Peter Vallas - Jun 4, 2011
References: trashandvaudeville & trashandvaudeville
Trash & Vaudeville is a fashion label that specializes in punk rock and edgy styling for women, men and even children. Its clothing definitely helps you make a statement as you walk the streets.

The latest from Trash & Vaudeville is a unique accessory for your footwear that will definitely make you look tough. The accessory is a unique set of bootstraps that holster a round of bullets. Don't worry: the bullets are fake, but I sure do not want to mess with a chick sporting these on her black boots.

These bootstraps will turn any boring pair of boots into a pair of killer kicks. They are options for both male and female footwear, so get out your best pair of shoes and match them with this accessory from Trash & Vaudeville.