The Tokova Tiger Shark Releases the Soulja Boy Edition

By: Taylor Keefe - Jul 30, 2012
References: hqtqh.kzpdw.servertrust & theultralinx
If you’re looking to add another gadget to your "useless items" list, the Tokova Tiger Shark tablet has released its Soulja Boy edition. No, you didn’t have a stroke. You did read that properly. That’s right, a Soulja Boy edition—let the laughs begin.

In a world dominated by Apple products, it’s hard to get any variety when it comes to quality electronics, especially tablets. The Tokova Tiger Shark is a tablet I’ve never heard of until now. The reason being is that it’s now branded using the greatest entertainer of our generation: Soulja Boy. What’s even more comical than a Soulja Boy tablet is the $499.99 price tag. Unless this thing can teleport me back to January 30, 1969, to catch the last public performance by The Beatles, it will be filed under "useless items."