'Tarditi Boucle Feuille de Tabac' Earrings Include Chocolate Diamonds

By: Bianca Bartz - Feb 21, 2009
References: luxist.de
These bronzed Tarditi leaflet earrings were modeled after tobacco leaves, but there's nothing disgusting about this chocolate diamond-encrusted jewelery. Looking a little like golden sea kelp, the Tarditi Boucle Feuille de Tabac earrings are anything but ordinary; it's unlikely anyone else will be sporting these, so they're sure to become signature pieces of anyone who wears them.

When designing these titanium earrings, Alain Tarditi says he was inspired by the shape and pattern of real tobacco leaves, including the curves, creases and veins of the real plant when dried. Embedded throughout are 197 chocolate colored diamonds contrasted by 26 white diamonds.