The Tobacco Body Website Uses Shocking Imagery to Send a Message

By: Alexandra Serrano - Sep 14, 2012
References: & fastcodesign
Using a shock method to convey its message of health, the Tobacco Body website seeks to promote anti-smoking.

The Cancer Society of Finland commissioned this website to promote awareness on the negative effects of cigarette smoking. Tobacco Body uses "a bit of tech candy, more youthful language, and some shock value," according to creative director Erkki Izarra. The purpose of the latter is to have youth face the horrifying short-term effects of smoking. Perhaps the most disturbing imagery on the website comes from the contrast of a healthy body placed directly next to a smoker's body.

Tobacco Body is highly strategized to target youth and affect their sensibilities. Each ramification depicts the demise of physical appearance which, according to research, is of high concern to young adults. Although the approach may seem somewhat vain, all facts listed hold the highest scientific merits. This is an anti-smoking campaign that goes beyond the conventional, and is commendable for its approach to promote awareness.