Tobacco Beard Oil Douses Whiskers in the Musty Scent of Manhood

By: Sarah Moore - May 13, 2012
References: portlandgeneralstore & coolhunting
From the unruly goatee-sporter to the lumberjack-esque whisker enthusiast, Tobacco Beard Oil will keep facial hair soft and smooth while adding a musty-fresh scent to those newly lush locks.

Created by the Portland General Store, the concoction is made from a mixture of hempseed, marula oil and jojoba to moisturize the skin lurking beneath that burly bush while keeping the hair itself less prickly and far more stroke-worthy.

This manly scented oil is an alternative to traditional cream-based conditioners, and keeps the hair clean and orderly without adding any less than macho scents. While this variety does have a slight hint of floral, the woody aroma of tobacco will certainly allow the wearer to keep their reputation as a man's man when anyone keeps a whiff of their furry face.