The Ti Cigar Punch Prepares Stogies in Style

By: Matt Ho - Aug 28, 2011
References: artistryintitanium & uncrate
The one thing every cigar smoker needs is a cutter; so why settle for something simple when one can up the class factor by using the Ti Cigar Punch?

For the cigar connoisseur, the Ti Cigar Punch will beautifully complement the collection of Cubans stashed in the home. This is basically a cutter, but the difference is that this doesn’t actually cut off the entire end. Instead, the accessory simply pokes a hole that’s big enough to smoke through. As for the construction itself, this suave metallic piece is made from "solid titanium, with a stainless steel split ring and cutter head" and it also features a "push-activated waste removal feature, and three neoprene O-rings to secure the cap when not in use," according to Cool Material. The process of starting a cigar has never looked so good.