'Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things' is How it Sounds

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Feb 8, 2013
References: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings.tumblr & laughingsquid
It's rare for a name as strange as 'Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things' to actually mean what it says, but in the case of this blog, it does. The website takes ordinary but (usually) unrelated objects that have a strange shared twist: these objects fit in or around each other perfectly. Did you know, for example, that a USB stick can fit perfectly into a row of unused staples? Or that a video game case for 'Skyrim' is exactly the right shape to fit in a Super Nintendo?

Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things knows and believes that there's "a certain kind of peace in an otherwise chaotic world" that can be found from realizing this. The site itself encourages users to submit their own photographs, fostering a creative community.