The DXB Walkie Talkie by Bricom Solutions Offers Two-Way Communication

By: Robert Jay Myst Jimenez - Apr 24, 2013
References: alianzahd &
Created by Bricom Solutions, this nifty walkie-talkie docking device is called the Alianza DXB, and can transform your phone into a two-way radio. This device allows the merging of a smartphone and two-way radio into one device with the added benefit of being a protective case.

This creative dock is independent of cellular network and can communicate with other two-way radios such as Motorola’s, ICOMs and others. So you don't need another DXB to communicate with it.

The Alianza DXB is designed for police forces, government or any other organization whose employees need to have both a smartphone and two-way radio solution deployed. Even outdoor enthusiasts will find this device very useful during hiking, skiing, mountain biking or anywhere else where there is no cellular coverage.

One of the best features of the DXB is the ability to communicate with another walkie-talkies anywhere in the world using Radio-Over-IP Technology. The dock also allows you to use its battery for additional charging power for your smartphone. Since many public safety officials are working 12 to 24 hours shifts with heavy use and no time to charge, this should be a great help.