Mouth Controlled IPod

By: Kyla Schmidt - Aug 22, 2007
Just when you thought they had thought of all the new and improved gadgets for your iPod! Now, according to, "Japanese train commuters who don't want to reach conspicuously into their bags or pockets to start their iPods will soon be able to do it more subtly -- by simply clenching their teeth."
And I thought Toronto subways were bad. In Japan they cram you in tighter than a fat lady in a size two- so doing something as simple as using your Ipod while riding the tube is a near impossible feat.
Japanese researchers at the state-run Osaka University have developed a head piece that uses infrared sensors and a microcomputer to allow the user to operate them by simply clenching their teeth.
And the device will hopefully be used for other electronics like cellphones & wheelchairs.