The Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow is Made Up of Hand-Sewn Felt Products

By: Meghan Young - Published: • References: sewyoursoul and fastcodesign
As big conglomerates continue to take over both big cities and small towns, little mom and pop shops are closing their doors after decades of running the show; The Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow, a textile artist based in London, United Kingdom, brings attention to their inevitable demise. After wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign, it raised enough money to stock an abandoned London cornerstore with 2,000 fabric versions of its product.

From a pack of Wrigley’s gum to a porn magazine and a can of Heinz beans, The Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow will be open as a month-long installation in September of this year. Sparrow states, "It's sending a message of nostalgia about the decline of family run businesses and independent shops." Hopefully people will get the message.