The Air Shivers of Things Fleeing by Emmanuelle Brisson is Reflective

By: Meghan Young - Aug 30, 2012
References: emmanuellebrisson & mymodernmet
Beautiful and serene, The Air Shivers of Things Fleeing photo series revolves around a woman and a flutter of butterflies. Although not as cathartic as the photographer's last project, Can't Get Out Of My Head, the images are just as arresting. There is a poetic sense of the relationship between humans and nature. As the butterflies fly and land around the subject and her clothing, there is a majestic feeling that can only be attributed to the beauty of life and harmony.

Shot by French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson, The Air Shivers of Things Fleeing photo series is all soft, from the sheerness of the white cotton dress to the curve of the butterflies' wings. Graceful and subtly somber, the series encourages people to reflect on their own relationship with nature.