Mark Nixon Shows Us What's Left of These Old Stuffed Animals

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Dec 8, 2012
References: marknixon & visualnews
We all probably have at least one cherished Teddy Bear or stuffed animal in our past, and photographer Mark Nixon shows us what happens to them after their owners grow up and leave them behind in his series of photos and stories, MuchLoved.

Mottled, stitched and full of holes, these bears have clearly all been used and loved, sometimes to the point where they're nothing more than loose bundles of thread. What's interesting about the photos is how easy it is for something adorable to appear frightening or sad.

Each photograph is accompanied by a story. Some are simple tales of a bear being loved by a child, while others are practically epics, including some that have literally traveled around the world.

It's an ongoing series, and Nixon is welcoming submissions from his audience.