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Wanna travel without going anywhere? Just go Synthravels-style! It's the world's first virtual travel agency, "By joining the Synthravels Project, you can free your imagination and make up many kinds of journey in amazing virtual worlds."

Currently, you can travel to the following virtual worlds (as a tourist!):
* Anarchy Online
* City of Heroes
* City of Villains
* Dark Age of Camelot
* Entropia Universe
* Eve Online
* Everquest
* EverQuest II
* Final Fantasy XI
* Guild Wars
* Horizons
* Lineage
* Lineage II
* Neocron 2
* ROSE Online
* Runescape
* Second Life
* SilkRoad Online
* Star Wars Galaxies
* The Matrix Online
* The Saga of Ryzom
* The Sims Online
* There
* Ultima Online
* World of Warcraft