These Hulk Illustrations Combine Superheros and Dinosaurs

By: Lacey-Jane Walsh - Jun 20, 2013
References: nisachar.deviantart & inspirefirst
These Incredible Hulk illustrations by deviantART user Nisachar combine superheroes and dinosaurs, resulting in some seriously badass drawings. The hulk is already big and mean, but pairing him with a dinosaur while he fights bad guys is just unbeatable.

In one of these fantastic illustrations, the Hulk is riding a vicious looking T-Rex through the jungle. Strung over the back of the T-Rex, there are three cowboy hat wearing bad guys, tied up. In another epic picture the Hulk punches a bad guy (and his war horse) high up into the sky. One of these illustrations is a little more futuristic; it depicts the hulk in an Iron Man type suit, shooting off into the sky. In the background you can see dinosaurs and bad guys, as well as a city skyline.

These intense Hulk inspired art works are a lot of fun to look at. But then again of course they are, they do combine superheroes and dinosaurs, after all.