The Super Magnetic Thinking Putty Can Be Likened to The Blob

By: Meghan Young - Apr 16, 2013
References: puttyworld & thisiscolossal
The Super Magnetic Thinking Putty can be likened to The Blob, the monster in the 1958 American horror film of the same name. Although it may look and feel like play-doh, when near any sort of metal, it gravitates towards it and gobbles it up in a slow and methodical way. Terrifying to witness if out of context, this plaything is certainly a step up from the classic toy.

When not around metal, the Super Magnetic Thinking Putty can be manipulated and played with in the same way as the original. Stretched, molded or shaped, it is a fun toy that feeds off of imagination as much as it does when it comes to metals. It is made in the United States.