The Stussy Women Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook features a series of lithe all-American girls posing against a beautiful beach backdrop.

The lookbook showcases models sporting a variety of Stussy clothing, including stylishly disheveled denim jackets, flannel shirts, tank tops and fantastic high-waisted shorts. Shot by photographer Lauren Ward in San Clementine, California (“surfer’s heaven” to locals), the Stussy Women Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook perfectly captures the casual yet cool, laid-back ethos that Stussy is known for. Stussy had a leg up on capturing their brand’s image in the lookbook by hiring Ward, a local. “Stussy has a strong vision that I identify with and appreciate,” she said, “Being from a surf town and a photographer who shoots in all natural lights, this project is a dream come true.” The Stussy Women Spring/Summer 2011 collection is now available at and all Stussy retail outlets.