The Study O Portable Alphabet Necklace is Striking

By: Shiori Mine - Aug 8, 2012
References: studyoportable & lushlee
The Study O Portable Alphabet Necklace is an eye-catching, offbeat accessory that will sure to have people asking "where on earth did you get that?" Constructed out of beechwood dowels, each letter is carved into a bubbly, block-like typeface.

Strung along a delicate gold chain, this handmade necklace is extravagant yet simplistic at the same time. While the clustered composition looks over-the-top, the minimalist shapes and organic materials add a soft, subtle finish to this statement piece. If you are a typography nerd like myself, this font-inspired necklace is sure to have your hearts swooning in glee.

Designed by this Dutch and Japanese duo, the Study O Portable Alphabet Necklace is part of the pair's ongoing experiment concerning typefaces and fashion.