The Stiff Pipe Modernizes the Age-Old Tobacco Hobby

By: Meghan Young - Nov 9, 2012
References: stiffonline & uncrate
The Stiff Pipe is being touted as the world's first plastic pipe cast in one piece. An ancient 'hobby' that promoted comfort and relaxation, smoking pipes has not changed too much over the years even though it continues to occur even in modern societies. The Stiff Pipe is a welcomed tweaked that not only modernizes the pipe, but also the hobby.

Available in three colorways (red and murray, blue and dark navy, black and pistachio), the Stiff Pipe provides an age-old service using 21st century technology. Unveiled recently in Tokyo, Japan, its design allows for a better draught through the pipe, making the tobacco taste that much better.

Produced in Sweden, the Stiff Pipe houses a briar wood chamber to stuff the tobacco in, thus retaining a bit of a traditional touch.