Cosplayers Re-Imagine Iconic Heroes in Retro Outfits

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Feb 5, 2013
References: flickr & io9
If there are two things every visually-inclined geek loves, it's steampunk fashion and superheroes. Naturally, the two cross over quite frequently, and photographer Mike Rollerson captured a particularly talented group.

This team of cosplayers re-imagines the heroes and villains of the extended Batman franchise, as if they were active at the dawn of the industrial age, and includes a few other DC favorites, like Wonder Woman. Of special note is the fact that there's a number of gender-swapped re-imaginings present, like female versions of Robin and Nightwing.

It's the little details of each of these Steampunk Superheroes, like the little gears embedded into Two-Face's scarred side that really breathe life into them, and make them look like something official.