The Starbucks Black Friday Tumbler Comes With Free Coffee for a Month

By: Michael Hines - Nov 27, 2013
References: consumerist & thatsnerdalicious
The Starbucks Black Friday Tumbler is the ultimate Christmas gift for the person in your life who loves coffee. This tumbler functions like any normal reusable coffee cup, except for the fact that it grants its owner unlimited espresso-based drinks for the month of January! That's right, the tumbler is good for one drink per day every day in the month of January.

The Starbucks Black Friday Tumbler is being sold for $65 on Black Friday (it won't be available after that) both in stores and online. Starbucks estimates that the value of the deal, the tumbler can hold grande-sized drinks, is $140. However, the blog Brand Eating did the math and figured out that the drinks alone should come to $124, not including the price of the tumbler. Regardless of how much you come out ahead, the Starbucks Black Friday Tumbler is the definitive way to show someone you know who's addicted to coffee how much you care.