'IKEA Heights' is a Soap Opera Filmed in IKEA

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Dec 31, 2013 • References: youtube and wallpaper
If you've ever imagined playing "house" in an IKEA showroom, an IKEA soap opera might be all the inspiration you need. 'IKEA Heights' is a YouTube series that's filmed entirely in IKEA, consisting of an eight-character cast.

There's something about an IKEA showroom that makes you feel right at home, allowing you to imagine yourself in a potential kitchen or living room. This soap opera dives right into this idea, complete with ironic melodrama and understated humor. The series looks like your average soap opera; multiple story lines consisting of couples that intercept and intertwine in the climax of the plot.

IKEA Heights is a superficial soap opera because behind the drama lies price tags and product labels that remind the audience of the show's mocking nature. As a result, it lends itself as an artistic and undeniable source of entertainment.