Disney Fairytales Need More Sloths

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jul 18, 2014 • References: buzzfeed and buzzfeed
If Disney fairytale princesses were actually sloths, the stories and movies would be a lot more intriguing. In fact, sloths might be the Internet's new cats, because it seems these fuzzy, slow-moving creatures are everywhere. This awesome series of GIFs transforms our beloved and classic Disney princesses into cute and cuddly sloths.

Can you imagine if these were real? Movie producers would have to rewrite the script so it reads, "a dream is a wish your sloth makes." Slotherella, Princess Slothmine, Sloth White; all of Disney's princess names suit the word seamlessly.

This series of Disney GIFs proves that sloths can be just as charming as beautiful princesses, complete with blinking lashes and big blue eyes. Who wouldn't want a handsome prince to save a sloth from an evil tower?