The Skoda Yeti Projections Ad Highlights Faux Urban Jungles

By: Shelby Lee Walsh - Published: Aug 1, 2011 • References: and adsoftheworld
This Skoda Yeti Projections ad showcases how the owner of this vehicle can experience "adventure at the touch of a button." Projected publicity is the newest fad among marketers and while it is usually done live in a guerilla-style manner on streets or on buildings, this commercial proves that it can work well for television spots as well.

Advertising agency Leagas Delaney based in Hamburg, Germany created a concept where a couple riding in the Skoda Yeti is going about their urbanite business downtown when all of a sudden, their urban jungle turns into a literal jungle complete with cheetahs and elephants. The Skoda Yeti Projections ad displays faux vines and trees exploding from the concrete surrounding the couple driving.

It's amazing how far projections have come, and this art form is sure to be increasing its presence on the marketing scene.