Signorina Eleganza Salavatore Ferragamo Perfume's Price Tag is $43,000

By: Erin Fox - Nov 12, 2014
References: ferragamo & luxurytrump
The Signorina Eleganza Salavatore Ferragamo Perfume launched today with a whopping $43,000 price tag. The 1000 ml fragrance has hit the shelves of Harrods with its unique packaging. Including four white diamonds (weighing in at 1.2 karats) and 18 karat gold detailing, the bottle alone is the main contributor to its hefty price tag.

With the $43,000 cost, the Signorina Eleganza Salavatore Ferragamo perfume guarantees to give an exotic fragrance. With top notes of pear and grapefruit and undertones of white leather and almonds, the scent is sure to invigorate the senses. The diamond encrusted bottle comes with a leather carrying case and a solid gold lid. If this bottle doesn't scream luxury, than what does?