'Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls' Propels Idiotic Stereotypes

By: Felicia Moursalien - Jan 5, 2012
References: blog.franchesca.net & blog.franchesca.net
The 'Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls' video packs a hilarious punch.

Riding off the hype of the viral spinoff of 'Sh*t Girls Say,' this video holds its own with bang on one-liners that quite accurately mimic the ridiculous banter of the stereotypical suburban white girl. The video throws out interesting lines such as, "You can say the N-word and I can't? How is that okay?" or, "He is sooo cute for a black guy!" Some of it gets a bit more tongue in cheek, where the main girl starts making silly remarks about her imaginary black friend's hair.

All in all, Sh*t White Girls Say is well done. The creator of the video, Francesca Ramsey, is no stranger to minority mockery, growing up as a black girl in the suburbs herself. She is now living in New York as a comedian and graphic designer.