The Handmade Flying Dutchman Ship Kite is Crafted from Bamboo and Nylon

By: Michael Hemsworth - Apr 1, 2016
References: hammacher & geekalerts
Crafted from materials including bamboo and nylon, the Handmade Flying Dutchman Ship Kite is overtly detailed with a whopping 11 sails in total. The handmade kite is crafted from materials that are sturdy yet aerodynamic to ensure the elaborate design is able to get off the ground.

Because the kite is crafted by hand, no two designs are quite the same with subtle differences existing between each one. The design is suitable for ages eight and up, and available for purchase from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Handmade Flying Dutchman Ship Kite needs to be assembled before use to ensure it's ready to fair the skies. The kite comes packed with 200 yards of cotton twine that's specially designed for use with kite flying.