The Yurex Measures Your Leg Shakes

By: Going Like Sixty - Published: • References: bbu.kayac
My name is Sixty (hi, Sixty) and I am a leg shaker. *applause* I started shaking my legs when I first came to Trend Hunter. I disconnected the coffee IV hoping that would relieve my Elvis syndrome. Then I found Yurex.

Yurex explained that shaking a leg is not only for pirates, but also a sign of high productivity. Yurex wants to help me measure my leg shakes with a device that has silver balls (insert inappropriate reference here.) Then I will know when I am at my most productive and can harness it creatively. The study originated in Japan because leg shaking is a sign of weakness. “Binbo-Yusuri” = Nervous shaking of the leg. “Binbo” means “poor” in Japanese.