The Selfridges Beauty Workshop Display by StudioXAG is Life-Size

By: Alexandra Serrano - Sep 5, 2012
References: studioxag & frameweb
The Selfridges Beauty Workshop Display by StudioXAG is a show of larger than life cosmetic products.

The grandiose windows in London were commissioned as a celebration of the retailer's launch of its new beauty department. It features massive combs, lipsticks, brushes, eyelash curlers and dryer heads. Each super-sized item is made of cardboard and depicts products that are available for purchase at Selfridges. According to Frame Web, "over 500 glue sticks were used to construct the objects."

The careful construction of each item was executed in three weeks time by ten paper engineers. The engines worked to first create skeletons of each item, and completed them by covering them with coated paper. The Beauty Workshop display is a show of detailed craftsmanship by StudioXAG who realized this stunning cosmetic utopia.