These Eco Artworks by Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad are Truly Incredible

By: Jordan M - Mar 8, 2011
References: & gizfactory
These awesome eco artworks by Australian artists Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad are a dramatic example of how bio-material can sometimes be one of the most powerful tools at a visionaries disposal.

Made entirely from seed casings harvested responsibly from species such as Woody Pear, Rose Banksia, and Red Flowering Gum, these Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad creations feature rich textures and remarkably elaborate patterns.

True to the organic origins of their source materials, each Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad creation highlights themes and imagery that is extensively influenced by the natural world. From flowers and vines to elaborate patterns, each captures a living and breathing aesthetic which succeeds at being both technically impressive and an appropriately fitting tribute to the earth.