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The Samantha Pleet Spring 2012 collection takes the elegant, lady-like silhouette and turns it on its dainty little head. Although still demure and sophisticated, the designs seen throughout the line do have a subtle rebellious nature. This rebelliousness is centered quite conveniently on the mid-drift. Through geometric, cutout patterns and quirky twists, the outfits have a motley feel to them as well, which introduces a fun feel to the collection as a whole.

Soft and earthy, the Samantha Pleet Spring 2012 collection is perfect for that season. It embraces the warming weather without forgetting that it just left the winter season behind. With a range of different hemlines, the Samantha Pleet Spring 2012 collection will surely appeal to all sorts of dress-donning women. This range may even encourage those who have never thought themselves a "dress person" to embrace one or two.