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The Sam Margevivius by Oscar Cor­recher portrait series features retro-inspired outerwear selects. Outfitted in a multitude of edgy menswear pieces, the model showcases his talents in a shoot that proves he is one to watch.

Fresh-faced and long-locked, the model shines in this eccentric editorial that embraces a strange beauty. From puffed winter jackets to sleek tailored overcoats, this sharply dressed portrait series dares to push style boundaries.

Gritty and monochromatic, the Sam Margevivius by Oscar Cor­recher portrait series takes cues from the past, presenting viewers with intriguing imagery and winning wardrobe selects. A contemporary take on retro-inspired casuals, Sam wears a mix of effortlessly elegant gar­ments that include impeccably cut jackets, light-weight knits and cropped trousers among others.