These Salamagica Photo Manipulations Will Have You Bugging Out

By: Jason Soy - Published: • References: inspirefirst and designyoutrust
Don't be surprised to see some surreal stuff, like an ant reading an adult magazine or a bear in a bear suit, when you're looking through these Salamagica photo manipulations.

Salamagica, founded by Ricardo Salamagica, is a photo retouch studio that specializes in making fantastical scenarios into a visual reality. Images like a melting polar bear, a tribe of men with KISS make-up and a man jumping onto a helicopter are virtually impossible to capture if it were not for the aid of these Salamagica photo manipulations and the results are both astonishing and monumental.

This really brings up a very important issue though since photo manipulations have become so advanced: how are we supposed to differentiate between real images and fake images? One thing's for sure, though, if we keep producing pictures as good as these Salamagica photo manipulations, I won't even care if they're fake.