Romaric Le Tiec's Innovative Olla Waste Disposal System

By: Andrew Robichaud - May 26, 2009
References: coroflot & yankodesign
The Olla Waste Disposal System designed by Romaric Le Tiec is another brilliant recycling innovation.

The idea is that everyone has three color-coded bags: Green for glass, yellow for plastic and metals and blue for newspapers and magazines.

Our job as residents is to collect all of our recycling throughout the course of the day or week and when we’ve reached the limit that the Olla bags will hold, we bring them to similar color-coded Olla bins around the city (green circle for glass, square yellow for plastic and metals and diamond blue for newspapers and magazines).

Trucks will then come and regularly empty the bins.

Another revolutionary "green" (and yellow and blue, I guess) idea to improve the planet.