Jantzen’s Religious Abstract Art is a Wandering Deity

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Oct 2, 2013 • References: michaeljantzen and michaeljantzen
The ‘Wandering Mind of Jesus’ by Michael Jantzen is a religious abstract art form or installation that is exhibited in a large gallery. It consists of a large statue of Jesus on a convoluted platform that meanders around the gallery and intersects with the statue. Mounted to the top of the platform are a pair of electrified tracks, so when visitors enter the room, the top portion of Christ’s head slowly moves.

This momentum is powered by small motorized wheels, the top portion of the statue continues to move, stopping and starting as long as people are in the room. When it returns to its original position, the top of the head stops for a short time and resumes its random convoluted journey. This piece is metaphorical and very different from the architectural work of Michael Jantzen.