Reframe for the 2012 Festival of Lively Architecture is Cube-Shaped

By: Sarah Robson - Jul 31, 2012
References: festivaldesarchitecturesvives & booooooom
Reframe for the 2012 Festival of Lively Architecture was created by artists Adam Scales, Pierre Berthelomeau and Paul Van Den Berg. This unique creation has a 3-dimensional effect that resembles the entrance to a portal.

This structure was constructed from sheets of polycarbonate, and it resembles different objects depending on the angle it is looked at. From above, the structure looks like a cube, but from the side it looks like an optical illusion of a portal gateway.

The Festival of Lively Architecture features artworks, structures and raises awareness of a younger generation of architects, landscape artists and urban planners. This five-day festival takes place in the south of France in Montpellier, and every year, 10 teams are chosen to apply for architectural universities and schools in Europe.