These American Parties From Around the Globe Feature Red Cups

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Mar 7, 2014 • References: buzzfeed and buzzfeed
Apparently, American parties are common events around the globe, taking place in Spain, Amsterdam, France, Russia, Italy and more. The number one asset that all of these parties have are the signature red cups often featured in American films, TV shows and BBQs.

It's true; red cups are a common party utensil used in North America, but it's amusing to see how they're featured in these international parties. Popcorn, burgers and plaid shirts are also featured, which seam reasonable enough. Then there are some treats that are little more abstract like marshmallows on a stick and Betty Crocker cakes with M&Ms.

It's interesting to see how cultures perceive each other and how the media plays a significant role in that perception.