Rebecca Romijn Pregnant With Twins

By: Jeremy Gutsche - Jul 29, 2008
References: trendhunter
Rebecca Romijn is the next celebrity to be pregnant with twins, joining Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  The whole issue raises the question of 'in vitro', since there's barely a 1% chance of having twins.  However, that chance can jump as high as 25% when you use In Vitro, like Angelina and Brad.  What about Rebecca Romijn?

Sources close to Rebecca and husband Jerry O'Connell told People magazine that there was no use of In Vitro or the drug Clomid: But why does People Magazine even ask?

The answer to that one is pretty simple, based on two trends:

TREND 1 - GROWING USE OF IN VITRO - There's a growing trend towards the use of in vitro, driven by a number of factors (potentially including impatience).  Accordingly, the world is becoming rampant with twins and triplets, etc.  Did you know people are even going on IVF vacations?

TREND 2 - HAVING TO DENY IT - Accordingly, we've created a world where Rebecca Romijn and her sources actually had to tell People that she DID NOT use In Vitro.  So even if you DIDN'T use IVF or fertility drugs, people now suspect it.

Here's an unrelated (but funny) Rebecca Romijn interview: