The Bandana makes its way back into the fashion world

By: Archanaa Gunapalan - Published: • References:
When you first think of a bandana, the image that pops right into your mind is probably the late rap artist, Tupac. His unique way of tying his bandana with a knot at the front and shifting it to a side is a trade mark of his even today. Although the bandana used to carry a "gangster", rough and tough image, its usage and symbolism has changed over the past decade.

Bandanas are a fun and quirky accessory to add to an outfit whether you're a male, female, or anyone in between. It is reminiscent of the 90s laid back, casual, grunge fashion.It's also an inexpensive fashion trend since most of you can find one in your closet (or your parents's closet) and be styling it right away with your sneakers or snapback. Whether you tie it around your head and wear it like Tupac or just wrap it around your wrist, the bandana is making a silent comeback since its "gangster" days.