The original dog muzzle design is an intimidating contraption commonly associated with overly aggressive pooches, but the Quack Quack Muzzle prevents dogs from biting without making them seem like four-legged bullies.

The comical duckbill muzzle tries to remove the stigma that muzzling a dog carries by associating it with the quacky antics of ducks. Made out of silicon for a softer fit, the Quack Quack Muzzle caters to the curious and petite dog, which may be snappish at times, but overall is a very dear friend. Dogs may have their choice of sporting a yellow, pink or brown duckbill to enhance their overall appearance.

The Quack Quack Muzzle by OPPO takes the edge off of short-tempered doggies by dressing them up in friendly duck attire.