The Q20 Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant Campaign is Squeaky Cute

By: Meghan Young - Apr 21, 2012
References: besterburkeslingers & ibelieveinadv
The Q20 Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant ad campaign portrays common door and cupboard hinges as the animals that they can often sound like when not lubed properly. For instance, while one hinge looks like a quacking duck, another takes on the form of a squeaky mouse.

Conceived and executed by Bester Burke Slingers, an ad agency based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Q20 Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant ad campaign is cute, clever and creative. A simple concept, it shows just how tame and quiet these 'animal hinges' can become once this lubricant has been applied. Imaginatively art directed by Romano Cardinal and Tim Jones, with creative direction by Wallace Seggie, the ad campaign was photographed by Simon Barnes and retouched by Graham Bartholomew. The playful prop design was done by Juan Voges.