This Public Plaza can be Manipulated by Passersby

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Dec 18, 2013 • References: archinect and archinect
Michael Jantzen's ‘Interactive Transformable Plaza’ is a conceptual design proposed for the public. It's an architectural structure that can be manipulated and changed by people passing by, and appears as a large flat and gray-colored wooden platform in its neutral state.

It's composed of nine yellow stanchions and topped with boat winches mounted at both ends. If someone were to crank the boat winches, a section of the platform would begin to fold up and out from the platform. Each of the boat winches can be used to lift one of the structure's eighteen sections, making multiple combinations and seemingly endless possibilities.

It's an interactive space that brings people together by exploring art and architecture. People can walk on and through it to experience it as well.