JBS Underwear

By: mediterranean - Feb 17, 2008
References: shedwa.blogspot
JBS mens underwear new campaign employs the slogan "Men do not want to look at naked men". So what do they do? They use partially-nude hot females in a super naughty, super provocative maxim-like shoot that borders on softcore porn. I doubt men will argue with JBS’ choice. Well straight men at least, gay men will surely not be happy at the absence of a male body.

The provocative print ads show a naughty nun, secretary, maid and nurse getting down and dirty with a JBS underwear. The video ad is absolutely hilarious. A hot female model wearing nothing but JBS mens briefs, with her ample breasts on display and her nipples barely hidden by her hair, goes around the apartment after waking up doing what us manly men do. Peeing, spitting, burping, scratching her ass, eating cereal with beer, farting and smelling it, you know, the good stuff.

I can’t help but think what the result would be if we apply the same treatment and logic to women’s underwear ads. If women do not want to look at naked women, would you girls like ads with hot almost naked men posing with the underwear? And what would the video ad be like? A guy wearing women’s underwear and putting on makeup in the morning? I don’t think I want to find out.