The Prada Spring 2014 Collection features jewelry that is very different from its runway fashion collection. While the Prada runway features tube socks and shift dresses, its jewelry is a modern take on the seductive glamour of the 1940s; each piece is infused with a bold and colorful kick.

Saffiano leather adorns the trimmings in shades of yellow-gold, tangerine and turquoise. Crocodile-skin cuffs are eye-catching as well, with geometric crystals and hibiscus motifs to finish off the collection with a bang. It's not just a pretty jewelry collection. Rather, it's jewelry that feels decadent, playful and makes a huge statement.

This collection is absolutely breathtaking and you can anticipate grabbing all the positive energy when entering a room. The colorful flowers scream spring and summer and will gleam during warm moonlight walks along the beach.