Zen Pencils Translate Famous Writers to Comic Form

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 8, 2013
References: zenpencils & io9
If you're looking for an intellectual pick-me-up after a bad day, artist Gavin Aung Than has created a series of inspirational comics based on classic quotes. The source material ranges from poetry by Walt Whitman, to sayings by Carl Sagan, Frank Herbert, Neil Gaiman and many others.

Each one is set to Than's art, which resembles classic newspaper comics in its style, and each tells a story related to the quote itself. It's an ongoing series, and readers are encouraged to send in their own quotes to adapt. Prints are also available in his store. It's rare for something that's technically a webcomic to focus on something other than humor or drama, and this is a welcome change of pace guaranteed to make the reader think about their own life for awhile.