The 'Pipe Organ Desk' by Kagen Schaefer Requires Puzzle Solving to Open

By: Michael Hemsworth - Dec 30, 2015
References: kagenschaefer & theawesomer
Home furniture has transitioned from being simple pieces of required decor to artwork that can be a focal point in the home, which is exactly the case with the 'Pipe Organ Desk' by Kagen Schaefer. The woodworker created the complex puzzle desk by incorporating a series of puzzles that require an internal pipe organ-style system to be solved.

At first glance, the 'Pipe Organ Desk' by Kagen Schaefer looks like an ordinary piece of furniture; it's only after closer inspection that it's revealed as so much more. Containing over 20 different puzzles that all culminate with the reveal of a secret drawer, the 'Pipe Organ Desk' by Kagen Schaefer is an exercise in complex carpentry and game making.