Life Magazine Unveils Unseen Light-Based Air Drawings

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Dec 13, 2012
References: life.time & io9
The late Pablo Picasso is one of those unique artists that's penetrated pop culture enough that everyone knows about him. And now we know a little more about his works, thanks to newly-revealed photos from LIFE magazine, showing a unique sort of photographic art called "light drawings."

Taken in the early '50s, the camera's shutter was left open while Picasso used a small light to "draw" in the air, with the low exposure creating glowing drawings in midair. While some of these photographs were put on display shortly after they were made, many of them are being seen for the first time.

The most interesting aspect of these photos is how modern and timeless they seem. Despite being made half a century ago on old-fashioned film, this feels like the kind of experiment a contemporary photographer would try on his digital SLR.

Implications - Picasso is still ahead of his time, and we can still learn from him.