Flora Borsi Compares the Image Software to Real-Life Makeup

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Dec 10, 2012
References: facebook & petapixel
Photoshop’s enhanced version of real life graces magazine covers everywhere, to the point where it’s expected every good image uses it. But what if that really was real life? Photographer Flora Borsi has imagined what life would look like if people could Photoshop themselves in the real world in this new series of photos.

The photos feature a model using the Patch tool to remove acne, the Smudge tool to fix a lipstick mistake and size-changing tools to alter facial features. Then, just for the sake of Puns, she uses hue swapping to fix her mood (no longer feeling blue), and "Convert to Smart Object" to up her intelligence.

It’s a funny set of photos, but it also points a finger at how society focuses on perceived flaws and how tools like Photoshop and their use on models only serves to make this worse.